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 The Bhale Sultan are a Rajput clan found in District Sultanpur in the state of Uttar Pradesh in India.[1]


The Bhale Sultan get their name from the Sanskrit bhala or javelin and the Arabic word sultan or ruler. Their name therefore means the ruler’s javelin or spear, and this name is said to have been bestowed upon them by the Mohammed Ghori. There are two traditions as to the origin of the clan. The Bulandshahr Bhale Sultan claim to have originally been Solanki, and are said to have come from Gujarat. While those of Awadh claim to have originally been Tilokchandi Bais.The Present State of Bhalesultan is TIRHUT District- Sultanpur UP.where then Bhalesultan Raja settled. Bhalesultans opposed Britishers in the revolt of 1857 and a battle was fought at Kadu Ka Naala near Musafirkhana in district Sultanpur of UP. a [2] [3][4]


The Bhale Sultan Rajput are found mainly in Bulandshahr Jammu & Kashmir and Sultanpur districts near Kadu Ka Nala Musafirkhana. 



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